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A wife caught her cheating husband

It was my husband’s first birthday after our marriage. I was very excited and planned a surprise party for him. But he spent that night in his office because of an importatnt project. I really felt bad but wanted a happy relationship, so ignored it. But these things kept on repeating and, I undergone his disregarding and careless attitude. Thanks to Spymaster Pro which changed my life. Found it, co-incidentally, on facebook. It helped me to track all phone records of my husband and revealed that he was a cheater. Yes it was a bad story but I am happy now.

Husband’s doubt was wrong

Last year, when my wife went to her mother’s home, she met her old-neighborhood friend. They exchanged number and she kept on chatting with him, late nights. As a husband, I never liked that, so tried to stop her many a times. But she blamed me for being so dominant. I could not sleep as I wanted to know what they talk. I surfed on internet “how to spy on my wife’s cellphone without touching”, the answer was- Spymaster Pro. I bought its 3 months subscription. But fortunately, I was totally wrong; they always used to chat on their common childhood memories. I really felt ashamed of doing such activity. But I am thankful to this software to let me do everything in hidden mode.


Husband saved his wife from a criminal

My wife was very active on social media. She could not ignore a single moment she enjoys, to be published online. But this habit turns out to be a curse for her. An unknown friend on facebook downloaded her pictures and edited them badly, to harass her. No, no. she did not tell me anything. It was Spymaster Pro which helped me to know this reality. I bought this software with the reference of my friend just to track my wife’s cell phone when she used to spend whole day on her mobile but never posted anything. I doubted she has made a new boyfriend but the reality was awful. I smartly managed everything and now she is safe.

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